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Wingsuit Flying

All competitors wear a pressurized suit specially designed to increase their glide during free-fall. This increases their time in the air as well as the distance they cover during a skydive. There are two ways to compete in Wingsuit Flying, the Performance event and the Acrobatic event. 

Performance Wingsuit Flying

Each competitor has three jumps in each task for a total of 9 jumps. 

Time: goal is to stay in the competition window for the longest amount of time.

Distance: fly as far as possible in a horizontal line across the ground.

Speed: Fly as fast as possible while in the competition window. 

Competition Window: 1,000m (3,281 feet) measured vertically.

Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying

A team consists of two performers and one videographer. The performers have a set of maneuvers they must do together on each jump. Once they leave the plane, they have 7,500 vertical feet to complete the required maneuvers. 

Four of the seven competition jumps are made up of these required maneuvers. These are the compulsory rounds. 

Three of the seven competition jumps are pre-planned routines that are scored on style, plan and camera work. Judges also give points based on technical work and presentation. 

Performance Competitors

 Not Pictured: Chris Geiler, Kristina Theroux, Andy Kenny, Sudeep Kodavati

Acrobatic Competitors

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