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Canopy Piloting

Competition consists of three rounds in of the following:

Speed: goal is to navigate the parachute through the boundaries of the course in the fastest time possible. Lasers are used at each "gate" of the course to measure the timing and position of each competitor. 


The current world record is 1.96 seconds in the course. This was accomplished by Greg Windmiller in 2019.

Distance: goal is to begin by dragging a foot in the water before Gate 1 and then continue to fly straight down the course as far as possible. In the advanced category, the toe drag is not necessary.

Accuracy: goal is to drag a foot through as many water gates as possible and then land in the accuracy zone. 10 points are deducted if a stand-up landing is not achieved.



Meet Director
Randy Connell


USPA Controller
Steve Hubbard


Chief Judge

CP - MaryLou Laughlin


Event Judges
Jim Rees

Vera Asquith

Jami Pilasch

Jeni Gordon
Dara Shapiro
Kolla Kolbeinsdottir

Lee Schlichtemeir

Technical Course Director

Nic Tacker


Speed Scores

Accuracy Scores

Distance Scores

Open Class

Advanced Class